Edna Figueroa (ACC), Founder

Leadership Executive & Organizational Coach

Edna is a trusted, capable, and accomplished organiza-tional development leader and executive coach. She is a dynamic and innovative strategic partner of management teams who is recognized for designing and delivering leadership development, cultural, and career transitioning solutions. She has coached over 400 leaders and mid-level professionals across functions, levels, and industries.

Edna’s solid background and experience managing strategic initiatives including; change management, talent management, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, provides her with a platform to help clients align individual and organizational values so together they can do their best work. She has served Fortune 500 firms, including Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), EY (Ernst & Young), Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.

As the founder of Elevate Leadership Coaching LLC, Edna blends her business expertise with an integrated coaching approach to help leaders ignite personal and leadership transformation. Her organization has demonstrated both knowledge and capabilities to help teams effectively navigate organizational challenges that result in measur-able results.


  • Zocchi America Inc. (FDA Clients)
  • Fortune 500 Company Wealth Management Team
  • Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)
  • Beautiful Home Services
  • Coached over 400 Business Leaders
  • (Corporate & Non-Profit, and Government Sectors)

Levels Coached

  • Senior Management Executives
  • Leadership Teams
  • Front-line Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individual Performers
  • Directors and Supervisors

Certifications and Training

  • ICF, ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
  • Executive Coach Certification, John Mattone Intelligent Leadership (ICF)
  • Resilient Leadership Coach Certification (ICF)
  • Harvard Kennedy School Leadership Certificate
  • UCLA School of Management, Leadership Certificate
  • AMA, American Management Association, Leadership Certificate
  • Center For Creative Leadership, Leadership Certificate

Who We Are

Elevate Leadership LLC, is a minority woman-owned small business company providing leadership development training and integrated coaching programs along with organizational development consulting to help business leaders achieve lasting individual and organizational performance.

Our mission is to empower leaders, teams, and organizations to foster the emergence of new environments where people and organizations are enriched, resilient and productive by delivering integrated professional and organizational development programs, and leadership coaching. We are based in DC but serve the MD, VA, metro areas and provide services across the U.S.



Executive Coaching Programs


Diversity and Inclusion & Unconscious Bias Training


Team Development


Leadership and Professional Development


Performance Management & Strategic CareerConsulting


Individual Contributor One to One Coaching

Our Approach

  • We blend Business, Organizational, and Leadership Coaching programs that help leaders increase organizational performance.
  • We provide Strategic Career & Performance Management Consulting to help employees navigate organizational change and uncertainty.
  • We integrate innovative Team Leadership Coaching to help create a team of “collaborative leaders” to ignite collaboration and innovation.
  • We facilitate Cultural Orientation Training to help teams achieve most effective cultural change.
  • We incorporate Leading Research and a Value Leadership Chain Approach to link individual and organizational performance.
  • We develop Targeted Professional Services Solutions that help teams discover new ways to achieve personal and professional performance.

Our Process

  • 1) Leadership Assessment, Analysis & Planning,
    Distinguishing Limited Leadership Tendencies
  • 2) Self-Awareness Phase,
    Relationship to “Self Concept,” Values & Belief System
  • 3) Current State Diagnosis,
    Heighten Awareness of Leader’s Strengths and Gaps. Ignite Vision and Coaching Goals
  • 4) Future State Planning & Individual Development Plan,
    Leadership Tools and Strategies to Leverage Talents and Address Gaps
  • 5) Targeted and Customized Leadership Solutions,
    That are Linked to Mission and Goals, Repositioning Strategies and New Commitments


  • Increased leadership capabilities and higher organizational performance.
  • Innovative ways to promote organizational health and inclusive leadership to help teams in times of change, crisis, and uncertainty.
  • A new pool of Resilient Leaders that are more capable of leveraging the broader organizational system.
  • Stronger partnerships and collective leadership that create teams of “collaborative leaders.”
  • Deep exploration of strategies that promote behavioral change to help advance personal and leadership transformation.
  • Deeper understanding of the link between the individual and organizational performance.


  • “Once in a while we encounter genuine, honest, brilliant professionals who are driven to make a difference. That’s been my experience with Edna. Her substantive business background, couples with a true servant leadership approach, makes her someone her clients love to work with. Her desire is to help individuasand organizations reach their greatest potential by fostering equity and engaging everyone’s contributions. She’s the real deal!”

    Brian Lewis, CEO Associan.com
  • “Edna has the rate combination of business acumen, strategic vision and deep care for people who come into her orbit. On top of her extensive experience in leadership development in thecorporate world, what makes her stand out are her amazing ability to turn insights into drastic and stunning actions!”

    Julia Zhu Meade, PCC and NCC, Leadership Coach & Career Strategist
  • “With Elevate Leadership Coaching, Edna is able to use her business acumen and coutageous yet empathetic coaching to transform insights into action, and help clients work through their toughest employee and organization development challenges. Edna acts as a partner to help individuals and organizations clarify their vision and set a path to execution.”

    Alfred King, Owner, Motive Media, LLC
  • “Edna was my business coach for 3 months in 2018. My first goal with Edna was to launchmy business, but she did more than that. She helped me to connect with my own-self and helped me develop the core foundation of my business. She showed me how to create froma place of abundance and it made a huge impact in my life. Elevate Leadership Coaching doeshonor its name, because it elevates you to find the best version of ”self.”

    Cristina Matua, HR Professional OmniHR Systems
  • Edna was an irreplaceable factor in my career transition journey. From our first meeting and throughout our interactions, she truly listened and crafted a roadmap that was highly personalized to me. Edna helped me focus on my strengths, my brand, my story, and challenged me to lean in andtrust my professional experience. Her support, encouragement and validation was key to my jumping confidently into my next journey. I highly recommend her to any executive for career coaching or transition.

    Julia Faren Feldman, Principal at Prism Strategy
  • Edna Figueroa is a multidimensional resource who coaches through inspiration, motivation and nurturing. Her approach is uniquely personal, effective, and exciting—vital components Boomers need when forced/invited to reinvent themselves. Edna ensures that every candidate become a master of networking and all the disciplines needed to remain marketable in a Gigabit culture.

    Mark Wolf, Storyteller, Copywriter, Branding Consultant