I coach business leaders and professionals who want to achieve greater success in their lives. Some are executives or teams who want to experience personal and professional breakthroughs. I also coach business entrepreneurs who want to take a chance on themselves to achieve the impossible.


Developing A Strong Self-Concept is the Foundation of Success

By Edna Figueroa - July 30, 2018

SUMMARY A strong sense of self, or self-concept, can help keep you focused on what really matters to you, making it easier to weather any criticism or misstep. It’s a difficult process but it is important to help you uncover indisputable strengths. “Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes...

Creating A Sacred Space For Inclusive Conversations

By Edna Figueroa - May 30, 2018

As I watched the recent Royal Wedding, I could not help seeing the human movement on display, one that is welcoming a more inclusive world. And I thought, creating the space for more inclusive conversations at work also is an intelligent choice. Millennial and post-Millennial employees, who represent over a...

Leadership Coaching; Unlock Your Success

By Edna Figueroa - April 4, 2018

There no longer is a well-defined path to career success or personal fulfillment. And more people are willing to take detours along the way in order to achieve a better work-life balance. Now, more than ever, individuals must take responsibility for their journey. That’s not easy, and that’s where coaching...